This one’s for the cat ladies.

These Charlotte Olympia kitty loafers that caught my fancy a while back, are cute alright, but a tad pricy too. While I dig the whole “why buy, when you can DIY” thing, I’m not for ruining a perfectly good (read: wearable to work) pair of suede loafers for a micro-trend.

And then I came across a few more purrfectly adorable kitty inspirations. To DIY or not to DIY is the question.

p.s. i made this


Image source: PSimadethis, lookbook


Work those sides with panel pants.


It’s like body definition, without the hard work.
It’s like makeup contouring, but for your clothes.
It’s like graphic illusion, without the magic spells.
Side panel pants – instant slimming effect that’s perfect for pear-shapes.

Image source: wearglossy, refinery29,, eleganzabee.

Thin isn’t in!


It’s a great time to have thick brows and, I, the brow-blessed, am definitely not complaining. Bushy brows don’t mean they need to have an unkempt 80s style, untouched wilderness look. Just stay off the tweezers and let them grow, but keep it nicely shaped. If you have delicate features, bold brows will help balance your face.  But if you have thick bangs, I’m not sure if thick brows work. Also, for a day look, I think strong brows call for softer eye makeup. And you know what the best part is? Bold brows make you look younger. Now, who doesn’t want that!