‘Tis the season of sale advertising!

If you’re a shopaholic, Harvey Nichols’ print campaigns speak to you. They cast a spell on you and lure you into stepping out and going on a shopping spree, even if a Harvey Nichols store doesn’t exist in your city! Here are my top 10 of the best and the bizarre in sale communication.

1. Image

It’s all about the subtlety.

2. Image

J likes the reverse perspective.

3. Image

Ah, the details!

4. Image

So clever. Maybe a little too clever?

5. Image

Probably the most straight-forward of the lot.

6. Image

Humour, anyone?

7. Image

Bit of a hyperbole, but still.

8. Image

The photography/art is to die for.

9. Image


10. Image

Sexual, but still works.

Source: adsoftheworld.com