Because pretty dresses deserve pretty hangers!

UntitledBuy it. Wrap it. Paint it. Bead it. Put a bow on it. Make it pretty.
Yes, daft-punk-on-repeat influence happening here.



The Infinity Scarf

So I had this skirt that made me look bigger than what I am. I love the print and fabric, but who wants to look bigger? So (argh, so many SOs) I made an infinity scarf. What’s that you ask? Just a scarf you can wear in infinite ways.

Now all I need is a beach holiday to wrap this prettiness around me while riding a Vespa. After I learn to ride one, that is.

Pin it!

I’m obsessing about safety pins lately, thanks to these delightful pictures on the www.


It’s lovely how a tiny pin can create so much drama. And the best part is you have a versatile DIY material that’s right under your nose, begging to be played around with. Twist it, wrap it, string it,– whatever you do, don’t be safe with it!

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