She is a photographer who works in a cafe in Berlin. He is a retired doctor who works as a tailor.
He walks past the cafe every morning at 9:05 am. She can’t help but notice him.
She doesn’t speak German. He speaks little English.
But they say hello. And she clicks him everyday.
Some men have style, some have charm. He had both, in an unexpected way.


What Ali Wore. What a delightful blog!


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All blogs post the same stuff!


True story. The world is made of 5 types of fashion bloggers.

  1. She wants to show off her shopping haul. She has a signature pose. She always wanted to be a model. She has a big-ass camera and probably even an obliging boyfriend to shoot her. She is an outfit-of-the-day blogger.
  2. She reads, vogue uk, etc. She spends a lot of time reading other blogs. She thinks she can do it too. She is wannabe blogger.
  3. She loves freebies. She reviews products, experiences, anything and everything she is asked to. She always ends with a disclaimer – all opinions are my own. She is PR’s favourite blogger.
  4. She is a regular at all fashion events. She has candid behind the scene pictures from fashion weeks. She never disses a collection, designer or style. She is a fashion insider who blogs.
  5. She hasn’t really found her voice. She clicks street style. She does DIYs. She covers trends. She does a review or two. She is a stuck-up blogger.

Not that I post anything different on my blog, but I wish more people did!

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