Feeling feline

It’s one thing to be inspired by kitty cats and adding a bit to your style. But to dress up cats in the latest fall accessories is quite another.

If you kill the grammar Nazi in you and like checking out LOL cats that say, “I can has cheezburger”, this photoshoot is screaming “Check Meow-out!”

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She is a photographer who works in a cafe in Berlin. He is a retired doctor who works as a tailor.
He walks past the cafe every morning at 9:05 am. She can’t help but notice him.
She doesn’t speak German. He speaks little English.
But they say hello. And she clicks him everyday.
Some men have style, some have charm. He had both, in an unexpected way.


What Ali Wore. What a delightful blog!


Image credit: http://alioutfit.tumblr.com

I will never love you more ~ Kate Spade

This one makes me want to
write a whimsical song
sing off-key
eat cake for breakfast (and chips for dinner)
stare at pretty macroons
talk with scrabble letters
look at the world with pink-hued magnifying glasses
wear all the things I love, all at once
cut up all my magazines
read all the unread books
and watch videos all day